Across America

Thank You for your consideration. 

I started photographing Across America in 2011.  My work spans portraiture, landscapes and street scenes.

When I was 8 years old, my Dad took me on a great adventure across America. Starting in Ontario, we passed through South Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon and Utah, down to New Mexico and back.  I made my first documentary film with the family camcorder which was screened for my school when I returned.   That trip had a massive impact on my life.  

In 2011, I started my journey into photography. I bought a used Leica M8 and eventually upgraded to a Leica M (type 240). 

Since then, I have photographed in many cities across America including Tucson, New Orleans, El Paso, Memphis, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, New York and many smaller towns in between. 

As a Canadian, my interests in my neighbouring country goes beyond daily news. Everyday life in the streets and on the road, finding connections in a country so close to my own, however far, separated by boarders. As an outsider, I find America to be a fascinating country. 

In 2011, when I first got my Leica M8, it was refreshing. It’s a simple philosophy - just go shoot. The limitations of a prime lens and manual focus really forced me to learn about photography quickly and to use my imagination (and feet) to try to make an interesting picture. 

I am an avid photo book collector and I work full time as a video editor.  The most important thing about photography for me is that it’s completely mine.  I don’t have anybody to answer to other than myself. Travelling and wandering with my Leica is a true joy in my life. 

Thank you,

James Featherstone

If you are interested, here is a past article that I was lucky to have published on the Leica Blog