Thank You for taking the time to look.

My project on America was started in 2011. It consists of a mixture of portraiture, landscapes and street scenes.

This past year I drove over 13 thousand km from Toronto to California, passing through Iowa and Utah, down through Tucson, El Paso, New Orleans and Memphis to add to the project.

Some other the other places I’ve photographed in for this project over the years include Denver, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Nashville, Cleveland, New York and a few places in between.

I made my first documentary film when I was 8 years old. Having driven across America with my Dad. That trip had a massive impact on my life, The sense of freedom, the idea of being about to see new things everyday, to travel far from home. It was exciting and I was full of wonder.

It wasn’t until some 20 years later that I picked up a camera and starting exploring photography.

In 2012, I started my venture into Leica. I bought a used M8 and hit the streets every day in an attempt to master focusing on the fly.  Eventually I picked up an M240 and the 35mm Summicron ASPH. And since then, that camera has been around the world with me.

As a Canadian photographer, my ever growing fascination with America and the desire to travel, to see something new and to meet people from different backgrounds is really the driving force behind the work.

I choose to use a Leica rangefinder because of the overall experience.  its simplicity and lightning quick focus capabilities, the windowed viewfinder and the the way the sensor renders light is unlike any other other cameras I’ve used.

I don’t tend to zone focusing because I photograph everything from wide street scenes, portraits, items on the ground, reflections in glass. The 35mm Summicron is my choice for its focal length.  It’s extremely small, lightweight and very sharp.

I am an avid photobook collector and I work full time as a video editor with a media company. My photography is completely mine, as in I don’t have anybody to answer to other than myself. The beauty of travelling and wandering is a true joy in my life.

I also share some work on Instagram