Florida / by James B Featherstone

Somehow in August 2016 I ended up in St. Petersburg Florida for a few days before heading south to Miami. 

St. Petersburg Florida. 2016

St. Petersburg Florida. 2016

I've driven down from Ontario as a kid a few times with family, but I was intrigued to revisit Florida. In recent years there have been strange news headlines coming out of Frorida "Face Eating Man" "Man Tosses Gator into Wendy's".   And St. Petersburg was named "The Saddest City in America" by Men's Health in 2011. I went to take a look for myself. 


Miami Florida. 2016

Street Photography is about exploration and patience. My main interest is in candid, unposed photographs, but sometimes the streets are so quiet that I end up talking to people and shooting their portraits. I've met a lot of interesting people and have shared many interesting stories by doing this. It's a different genre than traditional street photography, but I never had much interest in labels anyways.