Europe / by James B Featherstone

In 2012, I went to Europe on a work assignment to document a music festival in Benicassim, Spain.



The days were long and although I mainly focused on shooting video, I did bring along a Mamiya 645 medium format camera with me. I only shot 2 rolls that I still haven't had developed. Most likely in fear that I didn't make any photographs worth looking at as I was really just starting out in Photography. 

I like returning to places I've photographed in the past. The first time around is usually just to get my feet on the ground and to feel the place out.  I find European countries a little more difficult to photograph than North American ones. The people, the architecture, and the overall energy of Europe feels much different than what I'm accustom to. 

In 2015 I visited Holland, Italy, Spain & Portugal - I woke up around sunrise every morning to go shooting. Here are some photographs from that trip.