Florida by James B Featherstone

Somehow in August 2016 I ended up in St. Petersburg Florida for a few days before heading south to Miami. 

St. Petersburg Florida. 2016

St. Petersburg Florida. 2016

I've driven down from Ontario as a kid a few times with family, but I was intrigued to revisit Florida, especially after reading endless headlines like "Face Eating Man" "Man Tosses Gator into Wendy's". 

St. Petersburg was named "The Saddest City in America" by Men's Health in 2011. My unexpected visit turned into a bit of an investigation. 


Miami Florida. 2016

Street Photography is about exploration and patience. My main interest is in candid, unposed photographs, but sometimes the streets are so quiet that I end up talking to people and shooting their portraits. I've met a lot of interesting people this way and have shared many interesting stories by doing this.

Europe by James B Featherstone

In 2012, I went to Europe on a work assignment to document a music festival in Benicassim, Spain.



The days were long and although I mainly focused on shooting video, I did bring along a Mamiya 645 medium format camera with me. I only shot 2 rolls that I still haven't had developed. Most likely in fear that I didn't make any photographs worth looking at as I was really just starting out in Photography. 

I like returning to places I've photographed in the past. The first time around is usually just to get my feet on the ground and to feel the place out.  I find European countries a little more difficult to photograph than North American ones. The people, the architecture, and the overall energy of Europe feels much different than what I'm accustom to. 

In 2015 I visited Holland, Italy, Spain & Portugal - I woke up around sunrise every morning to go shooting. Here are some photographs from that trip.

Photographs (2014/2015) by James B Featherstone

These photographs were selected from daily snapshots I made in 2014/2015 while travelling to and from work here in Toronto. The series consists of candid moments, portraits, street scenes and abstract spaces.