A selection of short films 


Written by James Featherstone & Michael Greggain
Directed, Filmed & Edited by James Featherstone

  A late night rendezvous in a mysterious location takes a strange turn for a man who must recognize his power to choose his own fate. 


Written & Directed by Jared Mercer
Filmed & Edited by James Featherstone
Music by Luke Ludgate

  In an indeterminate time period, two women find themselves in the woods searching for food. They are faced with the options of sharing and working together or going solo in a test of moral law. The discovery of the familiar and the need to survive are tested as the question is asked: are you free to do what’s necessary to survive or are you a slave to your passions?


The Remnants (2016)

Official Trailer for The Remnants Film. 
A Post Apocalyptic Short by Michael Greggain
Filmed and Edited by James Featherstone