Abandoned Project: Common Ground (2014/2015)

These photographs were selected from daily snapshots I made in 2014/2015 while travelling to and from work here in Toronto. The series consists of candid moments, portraits, street scenes and abstract spaces. I've decided to abandon this series because I'm finding my interests are elsewhere in photography.

Work in Progress: Europe

In 2012, I went to Europe on a work assignment to document a music festival in Benicassim, Spain. The days were long and although I mainly focused on shooting video, I did bring along a Mamiya 645 with me. I shot 2 rolls that I still haven't had developed. Most likely in fear that I didn't make any photographs worth looking at as I was really just starting out in Photography. 

I like returning to places I've photographed in the past. The first time around is usually just to get my feet on the ground and to feel the place out.  I find European countries a little more difficult to photograph than North American ones. The people, the architecture, and the overall energy of Europe feels much different than what I'm accustom to.

In 2015 I visited Holland, Italy, Spain & Portugal on a refreshing vacation with my girlfriend. I woke up around sunrise every morning to go shooting. These are all snap shots from that trip.

I'm scheduled to return to Europe this year. The plan is London, Berlin, Amsterdam and possibly a quick two day trip to Cairo to see the great Pyramids (Childhood dream!).